What Is A Twin Flame?

A twin flame is a concept that you will encounter in the world of esoterism. It refers to a special connection between two people. It is believed that a twin flame is eternal and symbolizes a relationship between two lovers.

The idea of love-flamethe twin flame is strongly connected to the idea of love. The special connection between two souls is a result of the true love that exists between the two individuals. It is believed that a twin flame can appear between two lovers and survive through time. The different incarnations of both lovers will then experience this love and special connection, even though they might never have met the other person beforeThe concept of the twin flame can be dated back to Plato. He wrote about humans originally having four arms and four legs as well as two heads. Each human would have both sets of genitalia. The Gods wanted to destroy the humans but they eventually decided to split them into two creatures instead. Splitting humans would reduce their strength and double the number of people worshiping the Gods. The humans experienced pain and suffering as a result of being split. Apollo tried sewing some humans back together to ease their sufferings. However, most humans spent their lives looking for their other halves. The humans who managed to find their other half would feel contented and would spend the rest of their lives with their other half.

In the world of esoterism, the concept of twin flame is associated with the idea of reincarnation. Since not all humans manage to find their lost half during their lifetime, it is believed that the longing and suffering for one’s other half is stronger than death. It is believed that two halves spend their lives looking for one another. They sometimes meet and experience happiness but staying together is not always possible. Peace is found once the two halves can die as one and be reunited after death.

The idea of a twin flame is somewhat similar to a soul mate and to split souls. However, there are a few differences between these concepts. It is common belief that everyone has a soul mate somewhere. However, not everyone has a twin flame. There are different approaches to the concept of twin flames. Some believe that there should be one male and one female soul. Other believe that the twin flame includes two complementing forms of energy, regardless of the sex of the individuals who share the twin flame. Some believe that there are masculine and feminine forms of energy that can complement each other while other believe that there are opposing forms of energy that cannot really be compared with the notion of genders.


…A Special Type of Relationship

Most theorists agree on the idea that the relationship between two individuals who share a twin flame goes beyond their own experiences. These two people will be drawn to each other and probably choose to spend their lives together but the relationship between two people who share a twin flame cannot be experienced in one lifetime. This is why this special bond survives after death and is present in multiple reincarnations of two lovers. It is believed that the presence of twin flames throughout different incarnations of two lovers is a sign that humans are evolving and that love is playing a part in it. The attraction experienced by two people who share a twin flame is very strong and can actually scare some people. Some lovers are not scared of the intensity present in the relationship but others will tend to avoid it. In this case, both individuals will probably have to wait until the next incarnation before they can be together if they cannot get over this fear during their lifetime.

Transforming the World – Together

It is believed that positive energy is generated when two individuals who share a twin flame are together. The relationship can heal both individuals and give them the ability to do good around them. The purpose of twin flames is to help humanity and Earth through positive work and energy. However, both individuals have to go through a cleansing stage first which can be difficult and intense. It is not uncommon for individuals to run away from such an intense connection at first. Once the cleansing process is finished, the individuals who share the twin flame can start generating some positive energy together. The idea of twin flames goes back to Classical Greece and can be found in different cultures. For instance, the Torah refers to the existence of husbands and wives as half souls that are united in marriage. Many other cultures embrace the idea of eternal lovers, soul mates and other similar concepts. Esoterism has a unique take on the concept of twin flames since it is associated with reincarnation and with the idea that twin flames have a purpose. If you want to find your primary soulmate, i would recommend getting a love psychic reading.

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